Haraz Khaleeji Specialty Blend

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In a breathtaking remote part of the world, the ancient villages of the Haraz Mountains in Yemen thrive 3,000 meters above sea level, continuously producing the perfect conditions to grow the most aromatic coffee beans in the world. The Haraz Mountains lie on Yemen's lower west coast region, prospering since the 6th century as the birthplace of premium organic coffee. Now, centuries later, Haraz remains a globally acclaimed exporter of the most sought-after coffee. Experience the natural essence of an unparalleled city above the clouds with each unique premium organic blend from Haraz Coffee Roasters. 

Khaleeji (regular)
Saudi style, ground fine with cardamom

Khaleeji (with saffron + $15)
Saudi style, fine ground with cardamom with addition of saffron

Size: 350 Grams