About Us

The country of Yemen is unapparelled to any other place on this Earth. From its breathtaking scenery to its history that dates back to the beginning of man. Yemen is the homeland of our family. As first-generation immigrants, we wanted to honor our heritage. Yemen is where coffee was invented and later flourished in global trade. Roasting and serving coffee is something that is inclusive of all people and cultures, and brings people together. Our coffee is grown from altitudes over 3,000 ft in a mountainous village called Haraz, where our namesake originates.

As we navigated building our business and vision through the pandemic, we kept one thing in mind; to bring the most authentic Yemeni Coffee experience to our hometown Dearborn, where it all began. As we expand, we want to keep our original goals, we consistently aim to:

  • Refine coffee roasts to highlight Yemeni coffee and its influence on the culture.
  • Craft authentic Yemeni-style drinks, while crafting new and exciting drinks.
  • Create a comfortable setting for families and friends while showcasing coffee history.
  • Train our staff to be genuinely hospitable, generous, and courteous members.
  • Support local businesses and partake in community conversations.


At Haraz, we not only promise some of the most exceptional cups of coffee ever crafted but also memorable moments shared amongst friends. If you cannot make it to one of our coffee houses, we ship our coffee worldwide. Whether you enjoy it with us or in your home, we guarantee a great cup.

Yours Truly,

The Haraz Coffee Family

Girl holding coffee pot - Haraz Coffee House